Lutheran Broadcasters Network


The Lutheran community can seem like a "small world." Yet, when you look around the nation, you start to see that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the Lutheran LCMS church. We're bigger than most of us would think. The Lutheran world becomes a little bit larger each day when you start seeing what the LCMS provides. Not only does the LCMS provide church services to preach and teach Christ living Word, but has multiple outreach programs. Radio can be one of them!


"No station has


over the other."

In early December of 2018, KNNA-LP decided to reach out to other small Lutheran LCMS radio stations throughout the states.  The Goal? To bring the Word of God, the message of Christ crucified and resurrected, to all the world -- for free.

Can't Lutheran radios do that on their own?

Sure! That is encouraged! But the range of some stations isn't much... maybe only a few miles. This network allows for radio stations to essentially broaden their broadcast range! Allowing for more of the US (and even the world) to hear the word of God! How can each station "broaden their broadcast range?" By each station supporting and encouraging others to tune in to the other Lutheran LCMS radio stations. This is accomplished by making announcements on the radio as well as placing information on the radio's website about the other Lutheran stations.

With that, each station in association with the LBN have permission to use each others original content -- free of charge. Again, essentially broadening the broadcast range of each individual radio station.

There is no charge for a Lutheran LCMS radio station to join and each station runs independently. No station has authority over the other. Recommendations and advise can be given, but no one station can make decisions for any other station.

If you would like to join the LBN, or have any questions, please contact us at

Station Members

KAGR 92.1FM - Arapahoe, NE

Cambridge, England

KNNA-LP 95.7FM - Lincoln, NE

McCook, NE

WTPS-LP 94.1FM - Napoleon, OH

KRRC-LP - Rogue River, OR