Our station carries with it the advantage of listener trust. Because we are trustworthy in our programming our listeners will believe that the underwriters of our station will likewise be considered trustworthy and will deal honestly. We believe that this relationship of trust is foundational and should never be betrayed.

Your decision to Sponsor our station as a whole or Underwrite any of our programs individually, will greatly help the mission and purpose of KNNA-LP.

Because we are an all-volunteer radio station there are no salaries. All donations, underwriting, sponsorships and the like will be applied to programming and station-essential equipment and upkeep. This means that your support to KNNA-LP FM 95.7 will help make it possible for our radio station to continue to bring quality programming to the Lincoln community, and will bring you and your business into a relationship with a radio station that is making a difference in our Lincoln community and the community at large.

KNNA-LP  FM 95.7 is a 501(c)3 non-profit radio station.



Sunday Morning Worship Sponsor    On the Sunday of your choosing you will be recognized, before and/or after the worship service, as a sponsor of that Sunday Morning Worship Service.  Sponsorship of the worship service can also include dedications, such as for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or in memory of a loved one.


KNNA Monthly Sponsor    Station Sponsorship announcements will be aired throughout the broadcast day.


Concordia University Radio Supporter   If you are a Concordia University, Nebraska alum or enjoy hearing our original programs from Concordia University, please consider supporting KNNA-LP’s broadcast of Concordia University programming. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged on air before and after Concordia University programs. For more information about Concordia University, Nebraska, please visit www.cune.edu. If you are interested in learning more about Concordia University’s radio project, contact Prof. Tobin Beck at tobin.beck@cune.edu.


Program Underwriter    If your business or organization would  like to support selected programs, your Underwriter announcements will air freely during the program underwritten, and throughout the broadcast day in reference to the specific program Underwritten.


Individual Support/General Donations   Donations of any amount can be made in support of KNNA radio and are tax deductible.  Make checks payable to  Good Shepherd Community Radio or donate through PayPal on our website.